SLIP ON FLANGE is also called SO flange, it is suitable for the connection of carbon steel pipes with a nominal pressure of no more than 2.5MPa. Slip on flange mostly used for when the medium conditions are relatively mild, such as low-pressure non-purified compressed air and low-pressure circulating water. Slip on flange place two fillets by welding, sliding inside the tube. So its installation cost is lower, requiring less precision in cutting the pipe.

As the professional slip on flange, We can also produce the special size slip on flange according to customers’ drawing or designs, we welcome your contact!

The description of the slip On Flanges as below:

1. Slip On Flanges Size: 1/2″-60″(DN10-DN1500)

2. Slip On Flanges Pressure Rating:

ANSI B16.5&B16.47: Class 150 Flanges-Class 2500 Flanges;

DIN: 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar 63Bar;

BS: PN10-100;

JIS: 5K Flanges-30K Flanges;

EN1092-1: 6Bar 10Bar 16Bar 25Bar 40Bar 63Bar 100Bar;

3. Slip On Flanges Material

Carbon steel: ASTM A105/SA105N; ASTM A350 LF1; LF2; CL1/CL2, CT20;16MN;RST37.2;S235JR;P245GH;P250GH;P250GHM; C22.8;Q235;15CrMo

Stainless steel: ASTM A182, SS303; SS304/304L; SS316/316L; F321; F347; 316Ti; A182F317/317L; SS400;SF440

Alloy Steel:ASTM A182 A182 F12,F11,F22,F5,F9,F91,F51,F53,F55,F60,F44,F304H,F316H,F317H,F321H,F347H,INCONEL 600,625,825,etc.

4. Slip On Flanges Wall Thickness: Sch5, Sch10, Sch20 , Sch30, STD, Sch40, XS,Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, XXS, Sch160;

5. Slip On Flanges Connection Type: Raised Face, Flat

Face, Ring Type Joint, Lap-Joint Face, Large Male-Female, Small Male-Female, Large Tongue, Groove, Small-Tongue, Groove, etc

6. Slip On Flanges Surface treatment: Anti-rust oil, black / yellow / transparent / electric galvanized / hot galvanized.

7. Slip On Flanges Sealing Surface: FF, RF, MFM, TG, FF

8. Slip On Flanges Heat Treatment: Normalizing, Annealing, Quenching Tempering.

9. Slip On Flanges Standard:

  •  ANSI B16.5, A105 150LB / 300LB / 600LB / 900LB / 1500LB / 2500LB
  •  DIN 2573 PN6 / DIN 2576 PN10 / DIN2502 PN16 / DIN2503 P25-40 / DIN2566 PN16 / DIN2631-2635 RST37.2 OR C22.8
  •  JIS SS400 OR SF440 5K / 10K / 16K / 20K / 30K
  •  UNI 2276 / 2277 / 2278 / 6084 / 6089 / 6090 / 2544 / 2282 / 6091-6093
  •  EN1092 PN6 / PN10 / PN16 / PN25 / PN40 / TYPE1 TYPE2 TYPE 5 TYPE 12 TYPE 13
  •  BS4504 SANI1123 1000/3, 1600/3, 2500/3, T/D, T/E, T/F carbon steel flange
  •  AS2129 TABLE D / TABLE H / TABLE E carbon steel flange
  •  GOST 12820-80 / 12821-80 carbon steel flange

10. Slip On Flanges Tolerance: according to the standard.

11. Slip On Flanges Package: Plywood pallet or case.

12. Slip On Flanges Delivery time: At the earliest ,within the period required by customer.

Class : 15030060090015002500

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